At 04:15 PM 12/8/02 -0900, John W. Redelfs wrote:
I haven't received any mail from the list in two days. I didn't notice this until just now because other family members have been taking their turns at the computer. The Topica people say there is no problem at their end. Is it possible that AT&T Worldnet is screening out my Topica mail? Or has the list just been remarkably quiet for the last couple of days?

From the bits and pieces I have been able to gather, the problem must have been at AT&T, as it apparently told three list servers (but _not_ the others) that my address no longer existed. I wonder if it could have been related to the ice storm in North Carolina?--I got a notice today from a daily science newsletter that that was the reason they didn't send out an issue a couple of days last week.

--Ronn! :)

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