Gary Smith favored us with:
>If progression between kingdoms ends up being a possibility, perhaps it
>becomes an incentive for those who desire to grow to eventually become
>celestialized. I dunno. I think that it may be possible, just that it
>would take them "worlds without end" (DC 131) to achieve it, meanwhile
>those already in the kingdom would have advanced in kingdoms and
>dominions and glory far beyond what any Terrestrial person could ever

>>I'm with Elder McConkie, progression between kingdoms is heresy.  It 
>>violates the true principle that mercy cannot rob justice.  THIS life
>>the time to prepare to meet God.  After this life no labor can be 
>>performed.  It says so in the Book of Mormon, so it must be true.

I'm glad you said that, John. Elder McConkie was right and the scriptures
are pretty clear in this matter. Didn't Joseph Fielding Smith say
something on this? Please do some research on this John as my wrist hurts
too much. I'm pretty sure this topic has been fully covered in Mormon
days gone by.

Paul O

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