I watched a very learned Lutheran schoolar explain this entire subject (the
Trinity) on TV once, and I felt inclined to write to the school that gave
him his doctor of divinity degree and advise them to retract it.

It was pure, illogical gibberish, with many hidden (and unproven)
assumptions.  As someone who grew up as a Presby and listenned to all that I
could to try to understand the mainstream Christian faith, I can attest to
the inability of anyone I encountered to adequately explain this mythology
or provide any consistent scriptural basis for it.  I have searched for a
book which intelligently explains it to no avail.  I have found, however, a
book which traces the source of this concept to of all people our old
a2+b2=c2 friend, Pythagoras.  The book is called "How Greek Philosophy
Corrupted the Christian Concept of God" by Richard R. Hopkins, and published
by Horizon.  I believe that it was out of print for a time (Horizon is a
rather small LDS publisher, and I think they just ran out of stock) but I
believe that it is available again.  It's not on our store's website, but
I'll check into it if anyone is interested.  People in my ward have borrowed
the book from me and want their own copy.


Chet chipped in with:

> Stacy Smith wrote:
> > I think that as a former Protestant I understood much about trinitarian
> > theology and understood what it meant.  I had very few vague ideas about
> >
> > the subject.
> Could you explain it to me, then?  In all my years in Southern Baptist,
> and in all my wife's years in various Protestant churches, neither of us
> thought it made sense.  I thought it sounded like an accident with
> Scotty's transporter.  ("Aye, Cap'n -- we've accidently merged two life
> forms again.")

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