Jon Spencer wrote:

> I watched a very learned Lutheran schoolar explain this entire subject (the
> Trinity) on TV once, and I felt inclined to write to the school that gave
> him his doctor of divinity degree and advise them to retract it.
> It was pure, illogical gibberish, with many hidden (and unproven)
> assumptions.  As someone who grew up as a Presby and listenned to all that I
> could to try to understand the mainstream Christian faith, I can attest to
> the inability of anyone I encountered to adequately explain this mythology
> or provide any consistent scriptural basis for it.  I have searched for a
> book which intelligently explains it to no avail.  I have found, however, a
> book which traces the source of this concept to of all people our old
> a2+b2=c2 friend, Pythagoras.  The book is called "How Greek Philosophy
> Corrupted the Christian Concept of God" by Richard R. Hopkins, and published
> by Horizon.

I would add a hearty "amen" to your recommendation of this book. I've just dabbled
in it here and there when I needed a reference for something, so far, but I do
intend to read it from cover to cover.

>  I believe that it was out of print for a time (Horizon is a
> rather small LDS publisher, and I think they just ran out of stock) but I
> believe that it is available again.  It's not on our store's website, but
> I'll check into it if anyone is interested.  People in my ward have borrowed
> the book from me and want their own copy.
> Jon

Marc A. Schindler
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