Unfortunately, the article you gave us talked about the evils of RESTRICTED
CAPITALISM, not free markets.  I mean, how can a market which includes a
dictator who manipulates the market be called a "free market?"

My definition of capitalism/free markets does not include using the
government to control the market, or to gain unfair advantage.  It does not
include stealing ideas from others, nor forming coercive monopolies.

Rather, my definition of capitalism comes from through a man named Andrew J.
Galambos, and is called "primary capitalism."  This form requires complete
freedom for every individual, which requires that each individual have 100%
control over his own property.  Property is defined as one's life and all
non-procreative derivatives thereof.  What we have now in the US AJG called
"partial secondary capitalism," where "secondary" refers to secondary
property, which in short is tangible (temporal) items.  Again, in short,
primary property is ideas.

Primary capitalism means that no one steals or defrauds you.  A business
which acts without integrity is driven out of business that day unless
restitution is immediately made.  The lowliest janitor who keeps all of his
commitments has a higher credit rating than a billionaire who breaks his

There is much more to this than I have given in this short quip. There are
volumes written on the topic.  But suffice it to say that without true
capitalism, it is impossible to have freedom.

Of course, you may have a different definition of freedom.  But be careful,
if you do, it had better fit into a larger scheme of things that generates
freedom for all (otherwise called "liberty").


Gary Smith wrote:

> I found this old article on my hard drive by Charlie Reese. It reminded
> me of a very important fact: I can be a believer in freedom without
> believing in an unrestricted capitalist system, and that too many people
> equate them.  In reality, I look forward to Zion, where there will be
> great freedom to govern oneself, but there will be restricted capitalism.
> It isn't communism, though. We won't force anyone to do it, they will
> just simply be asked to leave...

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