Jon Spencer favored us with:
Unfortunately, the article you gave us talked about the evils of RESTRICTED
CAPITALISM, not free markets.  I mean, how can a market which includes a
dictator who manipulates the market be called a "free market?"
How can a central bank controlling the money supply be considered a free market? How can a market that is heavily taxed to promote a social agenda be considered a "free market?" How can a market regulated with tens of thousands of pages of regulations administered by dozens of independent federal regulatory agencies be considered a "free market."

There is no free market. The word has no meaning in today's America. People who speak of free markets first need to learn the meaning of laissez-faire. There is no nation on earth today with a free market. If we define fascism as an unfree market where private property is absolutely controlled by the central government, then the USA today is a fascist state.

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