> Since Scott's motorcycle ownership has been given such a thorough review here, what 
>does the list have to say about a stake president owning and using a motorcycle. 

Speaking for the list as a whole (and I know that everyone is happy to let me speak 
for them, or if not, they should just keep quiet about it) I have to wonder about 
someone who rides a motorbike but is not a keen fan of The Lord of the Rings.  Which 
is more likely to hurt someone: watching the Lord of the Rings movies or riding a 
motorbike?  Which is more likely to lead to tatoos, long greasy beards and drinking of 
some kind of near beer substitute?  Which is louder?  And if your daughter showed up 
at home one day riding behind some guy on a motorbike, wouldn't you find yourself 
wishing she was watching The Two Towers instead?

So there you have it.  The questions lead to obvious answers.  The list has spoken.

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