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Even Till has taken a tumble once, from a Norton. There was this rock in the road which he smuck amidships at 60. The rest is subject to some pretty vivid imagining. HE thinks rocks are dangerous (not to mention young men).
Three times in my life I've been on a motorcycle, and I've never had a spill. Once on a 150cc Honda in 1963, again on a somewhat larger Honda in 1966, and lastly on a 250cc once cylinder thumper in 1968. Since then I have avoided motorcycles because I don't want to die. My dad was an anesthesiologist and spent much of his career in the operating room. He saw a lot of motorcycle accident victims, and he called them murder cycles, not motorcycles. Since I can't seem to avoid crashing my car, I thought it foolish for me to trust my bad luck on a motorcycle.

Still, I have fantasies of a Harley Hog going clear back to when I was 16 and still riding bicycles.

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intellectuals" --Uncle Bob
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