You may think motorcycle exhaust
Is a sign of a soul that is lost
But to contrast this view
With Two Towers debut
Is a sign that your have your threads crossed.

Or to put it more logically, you have proposed a false dichotomy.
Whether or not one enjoys LORT movies really has nothing to do with
whether or not one wants his daughter to ride on the back of a

But I'll have to assume, on your say so, that the list thinks that
motorcycles are the embodiment of evil and I should sell mine and use
the proceeds to purchase one of the inevitable classic collector's
leather embossed box sets of LOTR movie DVD's for each member in my
stake when they become available.


Cardston, Alberta

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> Subject: RE: [ZION] Banning motorcycles
> > Since Scott's motorcycle ownership has been given such a thorough
> here, what does the list have to say about a stake president owning
> using a motorcycle.
> Speaking for the list as a whole (and I know that everyone is happy to
> me speak for them, or if not, they should just keep quiet about it) I
> to wonder about someone who rides a motorbike but is not a keen fan of
> Lord of the Rings.  Which is more likely to hurt someone: watching the
> Lord of the Rings movies or riding a motorbike?  Which is more likely
> lead to tatoos, long greasy beards and drinking of some kind of near
> substitute?  Which is louder?  And if your daughter showed up at home
> day riding behind some guy on a motorbike, wouldn't you find yourself
> wishing she was watching The Two Towers instead?
> So there you have it.  The questions lead to obvious answers.  The
> has spoken.
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