Just by the by, yesterday (Sunday) we drove back from Taber and stopped at Gasoline 
Alley for a quick pit stop (for non-Albertans, Gasoline Alley is a strip of fast food 
and gas stations along the service roads on the south side of the city of Red Deer, 
which is midway between Calgary and Edmonton.)  There's now a Harley-Davidson store 
there where you can get your "hawg" serviced. They sell Harley insignia and similar 
products, too.

Mark Gregson wrote:

> > Since Scott's motorcycle ownership has been given such a thorough review here, 
>what does the list have to say about a stake president owning and using a motorcycle.
> Speaking for the list as a whole (and I know that everyone is happy to let me speak 
>for them, or if not, they should just keep quiet about it) I have to wonder about 
>someone who rides a motorbike but is not a keen fan of The Lord of the Rings.  Which 
>is more likely to hurt someone: watching the Lord of the Rings movies or riding a 
>motorbike?  Which is more likely to lead to tatoos, long greasy beards and drinking 
>of some kind of near beer substitute?  Which is louder?  And if your daughter showed 
>up at home one day riding behind some guy on a motorbike, wouldn't you find yourself 
>wishing she was watching The Two Towers instead?
> So there you have it.  The questions lead to obvious answers.  The list has spoken.
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