No, Larry -- the U.S. insisted on looking it over first before giving it to other
permanent members of the Security Council, which is only 5 nations (technically
speaking, not the "UN" -- that implies the General Assembly). This was public
news, I'm not making it up. Here's a post to an official US state department
briefing on the issue:
[incidentally, for those who still think the rest of the world operates the way
the US does, note that if this were a Canadian government document, the director
of communications would not be interviewed by journalists as in this briefing
record and Q&A session -- it would be the minister who would be interviewed].

Think, too, that it's in Iraq's best interests to cloud the issue, as it were, by
showing this kind of "complication."

Incidentally, I've also said that the U.S. won't invade Iraq when push comes to
shove -- that while the U.S. administration may in fact be quite sincere in their
concern about Iraq, their first priority was the mid-term elections. Now that the
Republicans did better than many dared hope, the "need" for a "wag the dog"
scenario is fading, and the doves are getting the upper hand. Two complete naval
battle groups have started sailing *away* from the Middle East:


> Marc Schindler:
> By now I'm sure all of you have heard of the material the
> Iraqi government turned over to the Security Council. The
> U.S. took it before other Security Council members could
> look at it, with the excuse that they wanted to make sure
> certain parts having to do with recipes for weapons of
> mass destruction didn't get made public. But this
> doesn't make sense --
> _______________
> Of course it doesn't make sense.  It didn't happen that way.
> That wasn't the reason, that wasn't the excuse, and the
> U.N. kept a copy of the complete document while the U.S.
> made more copies for them.
> Larry Jackson
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