This just isn't true, I'm afraid. They were *delivered* to the Security Council,
but the US still managed to get first crack at them. An excerpt from the US State
Dept. briefing:

Reeker, the spokesman for the State Department, on 10/12/02:

T"he U.S. government has made copies of the Iraqi weapons declaration and
distributed them to the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and
other council members with expertise to assess the declaration for
proliferation-sensitive information, State Department deputy spokesman Philip
Reeker said at the daily  media briefing in Washington December 10.

[emphasis added] Reeker said once such information has been deleted, a working
document will be made available to other members of the council as soon as
possible. The United States is going to analyze the declaration with respect to
its credibility and compliance with U.N. Security Council resolution 1441, while
drawing on the specialized expertise of other declared nuclear states so as to
accelerate the review,  Reeker said.

In keeping with the Security Council president's decision to allow access to the
Iraqi declaration to those members of the Security Council with expertise to
assess the  risks of proliferation and other sensitive information to begin
reviewing that document,  full copies of the report have been made available to
those members of the Council  that have that expertise. As we discussed yesterday,
the United States assisted by copying this declaration. We had been asked to
assure that the document was copied in a controlled environment to guard against
the inadvertent release of information.

And from the press corps Q&A session:

Question: There have been some grumblings on the sideline about Washington
                    taking the first set of documents and whisking them down here
to copy them off. Have
                    you received any messages like that from Permanent 5 members
or other Security
                    Council members?

                    Mr. Reeker: No. And, in fact, all Permanent 5 members have
their copies, as I think
                    we talked about yesterday. As I mentioned, based on the
Council president's decision
                    -- which was an appropriate one and consistent with the
resolution -- we assisted in
                    ensuring the safeguards against release, transmission of
                    information, making sure that that was not jeopardized.

                    So we did the copying of this. We got the copies to all of
those members with that
                    expertise and all together we will be assessing the full
document to see about
                    proliferation-sensitive information so that then we can make
available to other
                    members of the Council a working document as soon as possible.

Now, I could simply be reading this the wrong way, I realize. But it looks pretty
evident that the US got the documents first. Incidentally, the other nations with
"expertise in this matter" happen to be the other permanent members of the
Security Council, but not the rest of the Security Council at present (10 other
countries get a turn for I think it's 5 years, on the SC, in rotation. For
instance, Canada was on until about a year ago, when Mexico took our place.

Gary Smith wrote:

> Actually, the permanent members of the Security Council all received it
> at the same time. Russia condemned the document at the same time the US
> did. It was the temporary members who received the delayed copy, to
> ensure classified nuclear information did not slip out into the hands of
> non-nuclear countries (like Syria, which is on the Council right now).
> K'aya K'ama,
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> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
> Marc:
> No, Larry -- the U.S. insisted on looking it over first before giving it
> to other
> permanent members of the Security Council, which is only 5 nations
> (technically
> speaking, not the "UN" -- that implies the General Assembly). This was
> public
> news, I'm not making it up.
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