SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson just announced a new proposed plan to settle 
the Main Street Plaza legal controversy.  It appears that Mayor Rocky is 
ready to concede that the Church should have full control of Plaza 
access, and in exchange for offering this compromise, he suggests that 
the Church should donate some property holdings on the west side of SLC 
for construction and development of community improvement facilities.  
Bishop Burton responded to the proposal favorably and suggested that the 
matter be deliberated further at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

My cynical bent detects that Mayor Rocky felt the tide of public opinion 
turning against him in his legalistic maneuvering, and felt that it was 
time to do some lawyerly wheeling and dealing.  It would be a relief if 
this settles the issue.  I think the only people gaining anything from 
the argument were the lawyers.

Mij Ebaboc

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