Jon Spencer wrote:
No.  I think that Satan was gaining something here as well.

Provocative thought.  Whereby does Satan gain, in this world?  Perhaps 
in stirring up the hearts of men to anger and contention.  (This is 
where the lawyers come in.)  But a consistent lesson from the scriptures 
seems to be that Satan does not significantly thwart the progress of 
Heavenly Father's work, notwithstanding all his demonic scheming.

I have to conclude about the Main Street deal, if it closes with the 
current proposal, that the Church does not deal with the devil.  If 
Church Leaders agree to the current arrangement, it must also have the 
blessing of God.  I have no doubt that Heavenly Father looks with great 
pleasure and approval on the works of the Church, that He directs the 
decisions, and that all things work together for good in the building up 
of His Church and Kingdom.

Mij Ebaboc

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