There's one particular troublemaker named Kurt Van Gorden who will likely try to
get himself arrested, and have the ACLU back his legal defence (he tends to work
this way -- he sues everyone, into bankruptcy, if he can, but has no assets to
speak of himself). That will be an interesting case.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson just announced a new proposed plan to settle
> the Main Street Plaza legal controversy.  It appears that Mayor Rocky is
> ready to concede that the Church should have full control of Plaza
> access, and in exchange for offering this compromise, he suggests that
> the Church should donate some property holdings on the west side of SLC
> for construction and development of community improvement facilities.
> Bishop Burton responded to the proposal favorably and suggested that the
> matter be deliberated further at the city council meeting on Tuesday.
> My cynical bent detects that Mayor Rocky felt the tide of public opinion
> turning against him in his legalistic maneuvering, and felt that it was
> time to do some lawyerly wheeling and dealing.  It would be a relief if
> this settles the issue.  I think the only people gaining anything from
> the argument were the lawyers.
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> Mij Ebaboc
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