Jim the Babe wrote:

> Jon Spencer wrote:
> ---
> No.  I think that Satan was gaining something here as well.
> ---
> Provocative thought.  Whereby does Satan gain, in this world?  Perhaps
> in stirring up the hearts of men to anger and contention.  (This is
> where the lawyers come in.)  But a consistent lesson from the scriptures
> seems to be that Satan does not significantly thwart the progress of
> Heavenly Father's work, notwithstanding all his demonic scheming.

The work may progress - DOES progress - but individual progression remains
an individual choice.  The more controversy that can be raised, the more
negative press that can be generated to turn the great unwashed (:-) away
from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the more Satan (thinks
he) gains, and the greater number of our brothers and sisters will be held
to a lower kingdom.

That is what I think Satan could be gaining.


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