George Cobabe favored us with:
I am the new guy and perhaps I misunderstood when I read the rules, but I
thought that politics was a taboo subject.  If not, then this list will be
very much more interesting, but nowhere near as uplifting as I was hoping.
George, I think that a list can be uplifting and interesting at the same time. And a little political discussion among friends just makes the conversation more interesting as long as we all remember that we are brothers and sisters in the gospel. This list may not be as uplifting as you were hoping, but I do not know of a list that is more uplifting. A member of my stake presidency hangs out here. Several of the members are former bishops. At least one is a current bishop, and another is a current stake president. Even those who have quit the list in disgust during one of our rare flame wars have returned after failing to find anything better out there in cyberspace.

It is true that Marc, like many Canadians, is a tad anti-American. But believe me, there are a few here on the list that are pretty anti-Canadian too. For myself, I don't think that either country would fit very well into a terrestrial, much less a celestial, world. I guess it all depends on your point of view. I am a saint first and an US citizen a distant second. I would hope that the Canadians on the list are saints first and Canadians second. If Yuko Takei were here, she could explain to you that both countries are like hell compared with Japan, the only part of the Garden of Eden that survived to the 21st century.

Anyway, forgive me for sermonizing. I'm incurably pedantic.

" proving contraries, truth is made manifest" --Joseph
Smith, History of the Church, Volume 6, p.248
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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