The gathering at the city council meeting last night was a zoo.  I got 
there about 6:00.  The public comment session was supposed to begin at 
7:00, but the crowd had already filled up two overflow rooms and was 
winding down the corridors, and there were already many hundreds of 
people waiting.

A small group with a vocal presence was the most disruptive.  These were 
"Jesus" people, come to threaten the Mormons with hellfire and 
damnation.  Several of these gained the microphone during the open 
period.  They asserted that Jesus commands their belligerence and 
rudeness.  One of them asserted that the Pledge to the flag which began 
the session should have been directed to Mormon dictatorship.

Most of the speakers I heard were actually rather thoughtful, 
notwithstanding the few nutty fanatics.  Quite a number of them were 
prominent members of the community.  I don't know what collective wisdom 
the city council might have derived, putting it all together, but it was 
an interesting exercise in democracy.  At least no one can complain that 
there was no public forum in the decision-making process.

One of the ideas that came to me while the anti-Mormon faction was 
pounding the pulpit was that we ought to revive the spirit of Porter 
Rockwell.  These ugly public bullies would not be so bold if Rockwell 
was around.

I suggested eariler in a letter to the Deseret News that the "Whistling 
and Whittling Brigade" might also be a good notion to resurrect.  When 
the Nauvoo Charter was revoked by Illinois in 1845, following the murder 
of Joseph Smith, Nauvoo lost the legal right to enforce laws, and became 
a target for troublemakers.  Nauvoo Church leaders organized a gang of 
young men to identify such parties as they entered the town.  The boys 
would press around these ill-intentioned characters, saying nothing to 
them, but busily whistling and whittling, with an obvious display of a 
lot of sharp knives.  Apparently most of the bad men were immediately 
discouraged and quickly left the town.

Perhaps such a scheme could serve to preserve the peace at Temple Square 
while the arguments continue.

Mij Ebaboc

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