Geoff FOWLER wrote:
As far as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin go (as well as perhaps 
others of the Founding Fathers), their drift toward deism and away from 
institutionalized Christianity may have been as much due to the corrupt 
sects of the day as any other. Perhaps history knows them as such 
because they sought to distance themselves from false Christianity.

Only the most perverse of revisionists invented the notion that 
Jefferson and Franklin were anything but practicing and devoted 
Christians.  They would have been prime candidates to receive the 
assertions Jesus made to Joseph Smith about traditional 
Christianity--that their professors were all corrupt, and their creeds 
were an abomination.

That Joseph Smith believed and taught this does not qualify _him_ as a 
"deist".  In that context, to argue the same about the US founding 
fathers is specious and tendentious.

It is instructive that many of the revisionists who spin this "deist" 
misinformation, primarily about Jefferson, are openly and dogmatically 
promoting their own flavor of atheist or agnostic evangelism.  There is 
really no compelling documentation to support their arguments, and every 
evidence to suggest that Jefferson, at least, was a devoutly and 
fervently religious man in his own right.  

Mij Ebaboc

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