> It is my understanding of Mormon doctrine that the laws by which
> Heavenly Father became and exalted being are coeternal with him.
> They are uncreate.  And it was by obedience to these laws that
> he because God.

My understanding follows Jim's quotation of Joseph Smith's teachings and 
of the scriptures; that God *instituted laws* among us. Whether those 
laws were pre-existent or not seems of little import. Remember, Marc's 
comment was that God is "subject to 'natural law'". This is demonstrably 
untrue; God is above nature, has created nature, and has instituted her 

Physicists now postulate that our universe was born perhaps 13 billion 
years ago, and that the laws of physics that we observe came into being 
at that point. If this is the case, then since we Latter-day Saints 
consider God to have been the creator of this universe, we could 
certainly imagine that he might have chosen whatever other set of 
physical laws to exist instead. We might also imagine that, as creator 
of the universe, he exists in such a state as to be able to effect 
whatever changes in it that he sees fit -- that is, he is "above" the 
universe, not subject to it. He could, for example, "travel faster than 
light", an event that doesn't even have a well-defined meaning to us.

I don't pretend the above is LDS doctrine. Rather, it is compatible with 
LDS doctrine, and is the closest I can come to reconciling doctrinal 
truth with scientific understanding. In any case, I feel quite sure that 
God is the Lawgiver, the creator of the universe, the God of nature, and 
thus to claim that he is "subject to 'natural law'" is incorrect.

> The idea that he made all the laws included those by which he
> progressed to become a God is a Protestant idea.

Hardly. Protestantism rejects as blasphemous the very idea that God 
"pregressed to become a God", so they certainly have no opinion on 
whether he created the laws that led to that exaltation! Besides, the 
laws governing God's exaltation are not the point under discussion; 
rather, we're talking about "natural law" and whether God is subject to 


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