I  can agree "that God is "subject to 'natural law", but only in the sense
that He has created those laws and needs to maintain the integrity to obey
the same rules that He has created.  If He did not honor His word or His law
He would cease to be God.


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Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -John-
> > It is my understanding of Mormon doctrine that the laws by which
> > Heavenly Father became and exalted being are coeternal with him.
> > They are uncreate.  And it was by obedience to these laws that
> > he because God.
> My understanding follows Jim's quotation of Joseph Smith's teachings and
> of the scriptures; that God *instituted laws* among us. Whether those
> laws were pre-existent or not seems of little import. Remember, Marc's
> comment was that God is "subject to 'natural law'". This is demonstrably
> untrue; God is above nature, has created nature, and has instituted her
> laws.

It's not demonstrably untrue; I went on to explain that the term had two
and quoted James E. Talmage and Joseph Fielding Smith to illustrate.

> He could, for example, "travel faster than
> light", an event that doesn't even have a well-defined meaning to us.

That's my point about telestial law. As Pres. Smith said, he has access to
laws we
don't understand. But that doesn't make them any less laws.

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