I can't speak for others, but I rather suspect the "false-by-definition" term is
used to forestall things like the well-known objection to omnipotence which asks,
in an aristotelian type of dialogue: "Is God omnipotent?" "Yes." "Then, can he
build a stone so big he can't roll it?" It's a logical paradox. Romans get around
this by calling it a mystery, like the trinity. But we don't believe in "magic"
and a "mystery" in this context is what I would call "magic."

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> Stephen Beecroft favored us with:
> >I would be surprised if any man or woman can name something that God
> >cannot do,
> >whether because of the limitations of "natural law" or anything else, that
> >doesn't fall into this class of false-by-definition.
> God cannot sin.  If he did, he would cease to be God.  He cannot create
> something out of nothing.  He cannot annihilate something in the sense of
> causing it to altogether cease to exist in any form.  He cannot force a man
> to heaven.  He cannot cause mercy to rob justice.  In short, he cannot
> violate any of the laws by which he is governed, which are the laws by
> which he became God, and the laws that we must keep if we would become Gods.
> Are all of these "false-by-definition?"  Maybe so.
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