It's quite possible. My point is simply that God uses humans for His own ends,
*whether those people are aware of it or not*.  After all, we use technology today
for the benefit of the Church (as well as society as a whole) that was developed
by men and women of all kinds of faith, including no faith. To say that God raised
a certain group up for a certain purpose is true, but it doesn't have to mean they
are akin to demi-gods, else all of us would be useless in the building up of the
Kingdom. I mean, heck, look at the philandering reputation of ol' Ben Franklin.
Okay, he'll have to answer for that (if it's true; again, just take this as a
rhetorical example) but that's not to deny the role Divinity had in the situation.

Paul Osborne wrote:

> Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin??
> Two of my most favorites. :-)
> I think had they lived a little later they would have been unfailing arms
> of the prophet Joseph Smith.
> Paul O
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