Paul Osborne wrote:

> Yep, I agree with John. The laws of the universe were not invented but
> have always been. There never was a first Father...

That makes about as much sense as our being here does.  Phrases like "never
was" and even perhaps "first" do not apply in the eternity, where one can
see the end from the beginning.  I don't think (should I stop here? :-) that
we have the intellectual experience, or perhaps even the capacity, in this
estate to even being to comprehend the succession of events that led to OUR
Heavenly Father going through his own progression.

On there other hand, there is some sort of event progression, one event
prior to another, since (apparently) our Heavenly Father existed "prior"
(whatever that means in the eternities) to us.

This of course begs the question of where all this stuff we call home came
from.  Unfortunately, if I think too long about it, I start to disappear.
So I'll stop now.  My wife and kids (hopefully) would miss me.

Jo  (Oh no!  I have started to disappear again!)

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