>Interesting -- I think you might have me there, at least partially, as I
>unaware of the GBH quote. I suppose I should have defined the term more
>and say that we don't *pray* to Jesus Christ.

Right. I can go along with this, Marc. However, you might recall that I
said earlier that there are times in my life when I sneak a prayer to
Jesus only without thinking of the Father. I wouldn't teach this at the
church pulpit, or what not, but I am telling my friends (you) in private
that sometimes (not often) I just want to focus my thoughts on Christ
alone and tell him that I love him and need him-- he is my brother. This
tone does come from the Book of Mormon. Don't get me wrong, most every
prayer I utter is directed to the Father and I know that Christ is there
too, BUT, there are times I feel a need to think solely of Christ and his
atonement and if I think of the Father I get distracted. I have also had
this experience of prayer with Heavenly Mother a few times when I just
wanted to talk to her and no one else. Wow!! I won't get into it, it's
too sacred.

Anyway, its my own business and I'm just sharing a little about me. I'm
not encouraging anyone to do as I do. Worship how or what you may
according to the dictates of your own conscience. And if you guys don't
like what I said-- Oh well, suit yourself.

Paul O

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