Bruce R. McConkie, BYU Devotional speech, 2 March 1982:
     "Let us set forth those doctrines and concepts that a gracious
     God has given to us in this day and which must be understood in
     order to gain eternal life. They are: 
     "1. We worship the Father and him only and no one else. 
     "We do not worship the Son and we do not worship the Holy Ghost.

I worship the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost because they are ONE God. Elder
Bruce R. McConkie would gladly fall down at Jesus' feet and wet his toes
and worship him as his divine Redeemer. I think what Elder McConkie was
trying to express in the above quote is that God is the Father of our
spirits and in a sense that is a unique position for him to be in even
though the Godhead is ONE. Elder McConkie also said:

Bruce R. McConkie, “How to Worship,” Ensign, Dec. 1971, 129
“In other words, true and perfect worship consists in following in the
steps of the Son of God; it consists in keeping the commandments and
obeying the will of the Father to that degree that we advance from grace
to grace until we are glorified in Christ as he is in his Father. It is
far more than prayer and sermon and song. It is living and doing and
obeying. It is emulating the life of the great Exemplar…To worship the
Lord is to put first in our lives the things of his kingdom, to live by
every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God, to center our
whole hearts upon Christ and that salvation which comes because of him.”
Here is another teaching about how we worship Christ:

By Elder W. Mack Lawrence
of the Seventy
“Sacrament meeting is the most important meeting of the week; it’s the
one the Lord has commanded us to attend. It’s a time to worship the
Savior. Now, what does that mean, to worship? It means to reverently show
love and allegiance to Him, to remember His sacrifice for each of us, and
to thank Him.”
Paul O
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