>I confess your quotes regarding worshiping Christ are troubling with
>to his verse.  How do you reconcile the two?

I've got to go to bed now. I'm absolutely exhausted and sick too, again.
I'll just say that the difference between the three members of the
Godhead boils down to one fact, and that is our Father Elohiem is the
father of our spirits and Jesus and the Holy Ghost are not. We cannot
worship Christ and the Holy Ghost in quite the exact same way as we can
our Father because our Father begat our spirits--abba father.

I think this is basically what Elder McConkie was summing up when he made
his comments. But, we should know that the scriptures tell us point blank
that Jesus Christ is the ETERNAL GOD. I am mean for crying out loud it is
written all throughout the scriptures and how men and women have
worshipped him as such. We can't get to the Father without going through
the Son. And that means we worship the Son too--and we should have the
Holy Spirit with us when we do so.

Paul O

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