Ya know, now that you mention it, I don't think that there is anything wrong
with having a little talk with Christ.  The gratitude I am certain we all
feel for Christ and what He did for us is well beyond anything that I can
express in words.  And how about talking with your mother or father or
spouse or whatever who has left this mortal estate?  Or what about thanking
Alma for the wonderful example he was and is for you?

I would also hazard to guess that many of us have thought very much about
Christ and have even spoken directly to Him during the Sacrament prayer.  It
would be hard not to, given our promise to always remember Him.

It would seem strange to me indeed if one were ever penalized for expressing
the sincere thoughts they have for these people.


Paul Osborne wrote:

> Right. I can go along with this, Marc. However, you might recall that I
> said earlier that there are times in my life when I sneak a prayer to
> Jesus only without thinking of the Father. I wouldn't teach this at the
> church pulpit, or what not, but I am telling my friends (you) in private
> that sometimes (not often) I just want to focus my thoughts on Christ
> alone and tell him that I love him and need him-- he is my brother. This
> tone does come from the Book of Mormon. Don't get me wrong, most every
> prayer I utter is directed to the Father and I know that Christ is there
> too, BUT, there are times I feel a need to think solely of Christ and his
> atonement and if I think of the Father I get distracted. I have also had
> this experience of prayer with Heavenly Mother a few times when I just
> wanted to talk to her and no one else. Wow!! I won't get into it, it's
> too sacred.
> Anyway, its my own business and I'm just sharing a little about me. I'm
> not encouraging anyone to do as I do. Worship how or what you may
> according to the dictates of your own conscience. And if you guys don't
> like what I said-- Oh well, suit yourself.
> Paul O
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