John, I am willing to answer, and defend, but first answer the question that
we have been discussing.  Are we in "general" agreement as to what
constitutes a Moral War?

If so then we can apply the test and come up with a satisfactory conclusion.
If not, then why bother? as discussion will not be possible!


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> George Cobabe favored us with:
> >The question was asked by one, is it not possible for both sides to fight
> >a moral war?  No, it is not!!!  We must only fight after we have done all
> >we can to prevent a war.  If both sides are trying to do this, war will
> >not occur.  Moral action by both parties will always result in peace.
> >war to occur one or both must be acting immorally.
> What do you think, George?  Is the coming war with Iraq a fight between
> moral party ad one immoral party?  Or is it a fight between two immoral
> parties?
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