I see Captain Moroni also living in such a time. He was fighting a
corrupt government, but his cause was still just. You'll note that
Pahoran was kicked out of power for a time, but the government was
recovered (though never quite the same afteward). There's a good
possibility that some corruption remained in their government even after
Moroni kicked the kingmen into prison. There were lower judges doing
corrupt things, even while the main judge was righteous, and vice versa.
We can't paint the Nephite government with such a broad stroke of
whiteness, when we know there is no such thing as a perfect government
without perfect people.

Our nation has problems, but there are many good people trying to regain
power over the government to return it to righteousness. Would you not
agree that GWBush is a better man than Clinton? Are the Republican House
and Senate not right now discussing issues to stop partial birth

We don't read about gambling, or pornography in the BoM, though I'm sure
they were there. Alcohol was used in Moroni's battles, both against the
Lamanites, but also the Nephite armies drank (they tested their alcohol
on their prisoners). 

Moroni fought a moral war, even when his government was corrupt. In fact,
it was the corrupt faction that sought to end the warring with treaties.
Something to think about.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
http://www.geocities.com/rameumptom/index.html         LDS Evidences,
Family History, Food Storage, etc.

I think we are in general agreement about what constitutes a moral war,
I'm not certain.  We seem to read Alma 48 differently.  Both you and Gary

seem to see both Captain Moroni and George W. Bush as the guys with the 
white hats, and Saddam Hussein and Iraq as the guys with the black 
hats.  For me, I don't see how the USA can be the white hats as long as
has legalized pornography, gambling, adultery, sodomy, abortion, alcohol 
use, and the socialistic redistribution of the wealth. 

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