No one has satisfactorily answered the question for me how we go about not offending these tyrants like Saddam.


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Although I reserve the right to add to the definition as I may gain further
light and knowledge, I would offer these as guiding principles in waging war
in a moral manner.

What think ye?

 1) We defend ourselves even if it means shedding blood, whenever our life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are threatened.  We must act to
protect those principles that define ourselves and permit us to live the
Lords commandments and way of life, even above protecting our lives.

2) In the conduct of the war we must do all we can to avoid killing and
destruction insofar as possible. We can not, when given the justification to
go to war, use it as a pretense or cause, to wield unfettered destruction
and death upon the enemy.

3) We never give offense, and we must act proactively to correct the causes
that might give offense, not to the extreme of doing anything at any cost,
but we must act to prevent and correct negative conditions throughout the

4) We never fight except to preserve our lives and/or to preserve the
freedom to live the principles of life which define us as a people. One of
those principles is that we have brothers and sisters throughout the world,
and by commandment of God, we are all our brothers keeper.  It is an immoral
act when we allow our important principles to be sacrificed at any cost.

 5) In todays world, in the absence of a theocracy, we must do the best we
can do is make sure that our actions are  consistent with Gods commandments
and Gods will, and then do our best to comply.  We must attempt this even
thought a majority of our citizens may not understand the importance of
acting so.

6) We must treat our defeated enemies with honor and dignity, irrespective
of their prior actions. We must do all we can to mitigate the effects of our
against them. As the moral victor, we must always look at the loser as a
victim of a terrible tragedy, even if brought upon themselves, and we must
do all we
can to correct the negative situation.

7) We must be a people of Peace, both as members of the Church and as
citizens of the world.  We must always do all we can to avoid war and
contention, consistent with the points listed above.  Being ready, willing,
and able to fight does not go against this principle.  However, being
anxious to fight does go against this principle.

(By the way are we back on Zionsbest exclusively?)

George Cobabe, CLU, ChFC
Ogden, Utah

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