It is only with faith in God that we are able to face the events of this 

We often face the daily basic routine happenings, hardly recognizing the 
vital moving force that accompanies our comings and goings. However, 
like the ebb and flow of the waters on the shoreline, there come 
occasions of high tide when the power of faith is activated in ways that 
we recognize as miraculous, and they become the very fruits of faith. 
They bear evidence of the realities of God and our relationship to him. 
It is then that we can draw deeply from a reservoir of faith gradually 
accumulated over years of learning and living the gospel and coming to 
know the Savior. With unwavering faith in God and the righteous desire 
of our hearts, we can call upon the Lord and actually witness his hand 
in our own personal lives. I know this to be true.

(Ardeth Kapp, _The Lectures on Faith in Historical Perspective_, BYU 

My lifelong experience verifies this assertion.

Short-lived experiments often return a skewed perspective that does not 
accurately reflect the long-term reality.  We cannot trifle with sacred 
covenants and expect to gain the same end as those who abide in faith.  
We can only find greater truths by really exercising long-suffering and 

The parable of the ten virgins is instructive.  Only those who are 
prepared to wait patiently on the Lord will eventually find their 

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