Steven asked: "Why leave the list because of the few?"

I completely understand Gary's reasons for leaving. Once upon a time, this list was place where we met together with friends and discussed the gospel and all kinds of other things. It was a great source pleasure and an opportunity to meet many new friends too.

Now, however, the list has changed to be more of a debating society. It is a place where people come to debate and contend with each other about gospel related (usually) subjects.

Like Gary, I have thought of leaving the list. The major reason I have not is that there continue to be a number of good friends (like Gary, also JWR, ELF, Grandpa Bill, and many others) who post occasional notes. I enjoy this association with them, even though it is often hidden among the other posts. I would probably have already left the list if volume weren't so much lower than I can afford to wade through the rubbish looking for my friends.

The list, as a whole, brings me no more of the joy it once did. I just loath losing touch with my friends.

Oh, one more point. I used to read each and every post to the list. Even when there were were hundreds a day! When you start skipping threads and such, however, you start to lose interest in most of the day to day chatter that makes up the list. THat is the biggest problem with those who say "if you don't like this discussion, just delete it!" Once you start that, the list becomes just a list of email messages, not a community to you. That is what has happened to me, and why, one day, I will likely leave too.


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