At 09:35 AM 6/11/2003, Terrance wrote:

As I ponder my thoughts and feelings out loud here, I suppose what I'm looking for can't be found, at least not from within an internet discussion group. If I don't feel genuinely greeted or warmly welcomed by fellow church members in a different ward, how can I expect to get this feeling and interaction from letters and words on a computer screen?

My remarks are not directed against you specifically, but I suspect that what we garner from Internet lists in the way of further enlightenment, knowledge, genuineness, or warmth will be close to the effort we put into them.

-- Steven Montgomery [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The overall performance of the college graduates in the Convention of 1787 speaks forcefully for the proposition that Latin, rhetoric, philosophy, and mathematics can be a healthy fare for political heroes.----Clinton Rossiter

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