Why should those who follow God in this age or era expect a test which is different from that faced by people who follow God in any other age or era, if that is what you are saying? Most people do not have an opportunity to do great and special things for which their names will go down in history, but are called to do their work in their families and their neighborhoods. Or are you suggesting that only those who do some thing that earns them a place in history will qualify for exaltation?

At 06:38 AM 7/17/03 -0500, Stacy Smith wrote:
I don't buy that completely as that could be the test of any age or era.


At 06:28 AM 07/17/2003 -0500, you wrote:

At 07:16 AM 7/17/03 -0400, Elmer L. Fairbank wrote:
At 01:55 PM 7/13/2003 -0500, St Stacy wrote:
What would such a test consist of? Physical endurance? Brainwashing? Torture or something less diabolical such as integrity? What about martyrdom? Can we have any stories?

I wonder if for many of us the test may not be being asked to endure torture or kill someone, but may be more like "enduring to the end" despite things such as chronic illness, handicap, poverty, loneliness, etc. . . .

-- Ronn! :)

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