Very likely that it will be a private test that only a few, if not only one,
will be fully aware of.  I believe that is correct.  But it will be a
challenge in every sense of the word - but a unique personal challenge.


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> At 04:04 PM 7/13/03 -0600, George Cobabe wrote:
> >I am not sure that any personal story I could come up with would be of
> >interest to any of you, and of course would not be any of your concerns.
> >
> >However, I am personally convinced that the test will consist of what
> >it takes to try you to the core of your being - not a test that will be
> >impossible or perhaps even that much if given to another person.  I
> >it will consist of you needing to put the will of God ahead of everything
> >else.  Which means that you will need to know and understand the will of
> >God.
> And it may be something which no one else may ever know about . . .
> -- Ronn!  :)
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