I mean - really - ICK!

Guess we should be glad they've found acceptance somewhere -- I wouldn't think it 
would be easy for someone who betrays their spouse and abandons their family to find 
acceptance.  (Oh wait!  That's if a HUSBAND betrays their WIFE and abandons their 
family.  I forgot how this works.)

Gosh, I should just shut my mouth now.  After all, I'm so oppressed by a dictatorial 
church which robs me of my agency at every step and doesn't even permit me to disagree 
with church leaders or (snicker!) make fun of them.  I'll just go sit in my corner now.

"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong." Gus Segar via 

PS:  Have I ever expressed my admiration for the courage and humility it took Avraham 
Gilligansisland for successfully going through repentance and pleasing the Lord?

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