I recall my father teaching me that those who turn from the church will
sow seeds of confusion.  I have a few comments . . . 

1)  I can't say this read was enlightening, but it was interesting.  I
feel pity for these folks.  Look how many different places some have
looked to try and find peace.  This is what they are looking for--they
just don't know it.  They may be very surprised when Christ comes again,
except perhaps Quinn.  He wants a star.

2)  The people of the church are NOT perfect--we are, after all, human. 
The church, however IS perfect.  It is Christ's church.  These people are
so confused they cannot seem to distinguish betwixt the two.

3)  Whiteside's comment "The absence of the feminine not only makes a
home lonely," she said. "It's damaging to everybody in the house." was
especially interesting to me.  I have always believed that as the woman,
it was my job to make my home warm and inviting.  It is my calling in
life, as a woman, to make my home "soft and comfortable" and yet, she
blames the church because her's was not??  How warped is that??

4)  When all is said and done, I hear the words, "I will teach these
people the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture" and I am grateful
for my simple testimony of the church, the gospel, Jesus Christ and the
prophets who have led and continue to lead us.  I've always been blessed,
not with the "burning", but with a sure knowledge whenever I ask.  I used
to think there was something wrong with me because I didn't feel that,
until I realized I didn't need it.  I knew.  

end of my tidbits


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