Having watched many converts come into church, having stood at some of
their baptisms and welcomed them into the ward, I have to say that this
is true for the social aspects of the ward. However, attendence at Club
Mormon is not what we will be judged on, in my opinion.

The converts that I have seen stick are the ones who were taught to
treasure and obtain spiritual experiences and learned how to look past
the ward members 'human' characteristics. No amount of ward 'friends'
can sustain a convert unless they are clearly taught how to seek and
gain knowledge from God. With that knowledge comes the glue that holds
them to the kingdom.


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>Gary Smith has asked me to tell you, Heidi, that the best way 
>to retain a 
>new convert is to surround that person with friends in the 
>ward.  I would 
>add that it isn't always easy, but it has to be done.  And if 
>we don't do 
>it, we will have to answer for our negligence when we stand before the 
>Judge. --JWR

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