Gerald Smith wrote:
A few years ago, they heard the discussions but chose not to join, because they didn't want to lose their old traditions/friends/habits. A year or so later, they took the discussions again. This time, the branch president assigned the members to take a turn having this investigator family into their homes each Sunday for dinner after Church.

We take turns having the missionaries over for dinner. Why can't we take turns hosting the new members in our homes? The members ought to do it spontaneously, but if they don't, perhaps the leaders should organize something like we do with the missionaries. I really believe that having new members over to the house is the key to keeping them active.

And we shouldn't feel a need to provide a lavish sit-down dinner when we have new members over. Just a bowl of buttered popcorn or a dish of ice cream would do. I mean, what do we do with our friends?

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