I don't want to discount the need to provide a loving relationship for
new converts. My concern is that too many converts fail to take hold
regardless of the amount of friendship that is extended to them. It is
almost like they didn't have their roots deep enough when the sun began
to beat down upon them and they withered away. I think it takes both a
community and a testimony to keep a convert. A testimony that is strong
will be able to withstand the blows that are certain to come to a new


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>Noel B wrote:
>>Having watched many converts come into church, having stood 
>at some of 
>>their baptisms and welcomed them into the ward, I have to say 
>that this 
>>is true for the social aspects of the ward. However, 
>attendence at Club 
>>Mormon is not what we will be judged on, in my opinion.
>Everyone needs a family that loves them.  When they join the 
>Church, they 
>lose their family.  Even if their family doesn't throw them 
>out, Mormons 
>think so differently, have so different a world view, that 
>their Gentile 
>family no longer has much in common with them.  Since a new 
>member loses 
>his family, he needs a new one in the gospel.  Some family in the ward 
>needs to "adopt" the new convert.  Then, possibly, they will have the 
>strength they need to remain active over the first few, hard years of 
>Church membership.
>This has nothing to do with Club Mormon, and everything to do 
>with families.
>John W. Redelfs 

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