Hate the sin and love the sinner.  I understand that.  But why do I have 
to be accepting of a false church in order to be loving towards its 
deluded, lied to, and oppressed members?
I can love a Catholic without loving his church.  The same goes for a 
Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Buddhist or Moslem.

Reading 2 Nephi 28 and then reading these Internet email discussion 
lists, Zion included, causes me considerable cognitive dissonance.

Yes, I suppose the bottom line is that today we must make an extra 
effort to distinguish between the people who belong to other churches 
and the formal institutions that constitute those other churches.  This 
is definitely more of a challenge than simply blasting everyone who 
differs from us.

While we continue to unequivocally condemn false and vain and foolish 
doctrines, yet we recognize those people as our brothers and sisters, 
prospective converts to the true Gospel of Christ, potential Latter-day 
Saints.  We don't seek to antagonize or alienate these potential members 
of the true Church by focusing primarily on their faults.  I guess the 
thinking is that we can win the hearts of more men by gentleness, 
meekness, and love unfeigned.  Perhaps, as the scriptures suggest, this 
has always been the right approach.

Apparently the "sword of truth" can be a soft touch at appropriate 
times, in contrast to more heavy-handed "dividing asunder" kind of 
action.  ;-)

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