> But the Book of Mormon is still the Word of God, right?  --JWR

Yes. And it tells us all about the sons of Mosiah doesn't it?  How they
a great promise of safety from the Lord for their mission of love and
service and how
they enjoyed miraculous success among a lost and fallen people by being
kind and loving and offering something much better and sharper than
the sword of war and contention.

The Lord warns us in the passages you quote not to settle for less, not to
adopt lesser creeds or accept for ourselves counterfeits to the real truth.
He does it forcefully. But there is ample evidence that he loves everyone,
that he wants us to love an serve each other, regardless of our religion.
He is Father to us all and values everyone. Certainly the book of Mormon
asks us not to touch the unclean thing and come out from the world and
gather as a covenant people, but that does not change the fact that all men
are brothers of the same spiritual father, and because of the gift of agency
no one can be forced to accept the gospel in its fullness.  So what's the
best way to influence a free agent. Love him.  Remember my own mantra,
whatever the question, the answer is love.  I think President Hinckley
operates like that.


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