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> >SNIP< God's love is certainly unconditional in the sense that he loves

>> all his children, probably even Lucifer.  But his willingness and
> > to bless those he loves is predicated upon their cooperation and
> > obedience.  He not only will not force any man to heaven, he cannot.

> God's unconditional love has absolutely nothing to the with the 
> heretical doctrine of "eat, drink, be merry and repent on your death"
> wrote about so colorfully.  No doubt God, because He loves us
> can, and probably does forgive someone who sincerely repents on his
>  But, God can not begin to bestow blessing -- okay, call them rewards
> you insist -- until one has begun to live by His word.

And for some, they will not be able to live by His word until they have
been dead many years.  While we die who we are--good or bad--we still
have a chance to repent during the growth period called the Spirit World.
 If it were not so, then why do vicarious baptisms and other ordinances? 
Would Christ have gone and gotten things organized for the deceased in
the Spirit World before his resurrection?  Brigham Young taught that all
who die are allowed to progress--if they want. 

I think that death bed repentance, if sincere, WILL be accepted IF the
person continues with that desire in the Spirit World.  It goes back to
the "what's in your heart" thing that the Lord already knows about you

It is my understanding, however, that repentance and forgiveness are
much, much harder to attain in the Spirit World, because we do not have
our bodies to help us to overcome the natural man.  So, while it is
possible, it is very difficult.  If a person was unwilling to change his
entire life, then did a death-bed repentance, he very likely would get to
the other side, think he had made heaven, and say "It worked!"  Then he
would continue on, being himself, bad as that may be.  Of course, not
until some spirit missionary teaches him properly will he understand the
Spirit World. (and how difficult would it be for the imbibber to overcome
his addiction without a body--he still has the desire and, dare I say,
cravings, but cannot satisfy them!)

I love what BY said about how glorious the Spirit World is, and about
having been close enough to death that he had to really work hard at
staying here. . ."that I have been near enough to understand eternity so
that I have had to exercise a great deal more faith to desire to live
than I ever exercised in my whole life to live. The brightness and glory
of the next apartment is inexpressible."  I think Joseph Smith expressed
similar sentiments.

my 2 cents

> Finally, recall that Christ's unconditional love for us -- his grace 
> --
> guarantees all of us eternal life. What kind of eternal life we are 
> given
> depends on His assessment of our faithfulness.
> I hope this is clearer than the earlier post.
> Ron
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