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> Subject: [ZION] Eternal Life vs. Immortality
> Ron Scott wrote:
> >Finally, recall that Christ's unconditional love for us -- his grace --
> >guarantees all of us eternal life. What kind of eternal life we are given
> >depends on His assessment of our faithfulness.
> >
> >I hope this is clearer than the earlier post.
> It is clearer, Ron.  I agree that we agree. <very broad grin>  However I
> have a nit to pick with your language in the above paragraph.  "Eternal
> life" is only for those who marry in the temple and afterwards keep their
> covenants.  Immortality, on the other hand, is what we are all guaranteed
> because of Christ's atonement.  Eternal life is more than
> immortality.  Immortality is merely rising from the dead to never die
> again.  Eternal life is to live forever in an eternal family unit.
> Of course, you probably already knew that, but I didn't want anyone
> confused because we didn't define our terms.

This is a nit, John. To me, immortality and eternal life have the same
meaning. Your definition of "immortality" is mine for "salvatation."  Yours
for "eternal life" is mine for "exaltation."

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