Ron, You may be right.  As a matter of fact I agree with you.

However, Elder Nelson does not.  He says that God's love is conditional upon

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> > God's love is certainly unconditional in the sense that he loves all his
> > children, probably even Lucifer.  But his willingness and ability
> > to bless
> > those he loves is predicated upon their cooperation and
> > obedience.  He not
> > only will not force any man to heaven, he cannot.
> >
> > Is God's love unconditional?  Yes or no depending on what you mean by
> > "unconditional."<
> I may have posted too hastily and therefore didn't clarify well.  Fact is,
> think we agree.  But, this whole issue gets so bolluxed-up (witness the
> confusing faith/works/grace piece in ths months Engisn) that I'll try one
> more time to explain myself.
> God's love for us is unconditional.  Because he loves, he is ever-ready to
> go to bat for us.  That is, he is ready to fogive us our errors when we
> ready to acknowledge them and repent.  It follows that he can't begin to
> bless us UNTIL we choose to be obedient, nor can be bestow more blessing
> us unless we consistently heed His counsel.
> God's unconditional love has absolutely nothing to the with the heretical
> doctrine of "eat, drink, be merry and repent on your death" you wrote
> so colorfully.  No doubt God, because He loves us unconditionally, can,
> probably does forgive someone who sincerely repents on his deathbed.  But,
> God can not begin to bestow blessing -- okay, call them rewards if you
> insist -- until one has begun to live by His word.
> Finally, recall that Christ's unconditional love for us -- his grace --
> guarantees all of us eternal life. What kind of eternal life we are given
> depends on His assessment of our faithfulness.
> I hope this is clearer than the earlier post.
> Ron
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