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> John W. Redelfs wrote:
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> -Harold-
> > It's also true that there is a limited number of times one can
> > repent of adultery.
> -JWR-
> > I've heard this before, but I was challenged on it by the wife
> > of our mission president.  I tried to prove the "three times and
> > you are out" rule, and I was unable to.  Perhaps you can do
> > better than I can.  --JWR
> I always thought it was "twice and you're out" -- that is, you can
> repent of adultery once, but not twice.  I suppose this is based on D&C
> 42:25-26: "But he that has committed adultery and repents with all his
> heart, and forsaketh it, and doeth it no more, thou shalt forgive; But
> if he doeth it again, he shall not be forgiven, but shall be cast out."
> The reason for this is a bit fuzzier.  As it was explained to me at the
> time, it has to do with repentence from covenant-breaking (which is
> scripturally known as adultery).  The idea seems to be that one can
> forsake his covenants one time without truly understanding what he is
> doing, but that doing so again constitutes a denial of the Holy Ghost.
> I know of no exact scriptural justification for this idea of repentence,
> though.  Just what I was told many years ago.<<

The scripture above deliniates how the the church organization should deal
with adultery, IMO.  Bear in mind that denying the Holy Ghost transforms one
into a candidate for a bunk with the Sons of Perdition.  And, we've been
told that the Sons will be FEW IN NUMBER -- as few as the fingers on one's
hand.  This suggests strongly that two-plus adulterers DO NOT deny the Holy
Ghost, nor are they candidates for SOP status.  Obviously, someone was
taught very false doctrine.

One must have a pretty perfect knowledge of the Holy Ghost before one could
be judged guilty of denying it. None of us here have so perfect a knowledge
of the HG that we could be found guilty of of denying it, for instance.
Joseph Smith may have had such a knowledge, however.  So I guess he might be
a candidate for SOP-hood if he committed adultery twice.

But a more important question: Why do people on ZION focus so intently on
such things -- judging others in particular -- anyway?  Who authorizes us to
hold people to "artificial standards" that may or may not have anything
whatsoever to do with the gospel Christ taught and can not be applied
uniformly across the church organization?  What useful purpose is served?


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