> But a more important question: Why do people on ZION focus so
> intently on such things -- judging others in particular --
> anyway?  Who authorizes us to hold people to "artificial
> standards" that may or may not have anything whatsoever to do
> with the gospel Christ taught and can not be applied uniformly
> across the church organization?  What useful purpose is served?

I'm certainly not qualified to speak for anyone on this list other than 
myself.  In my case, my intent was not to judge others or hold anyone to 
standards, artifical or otherwise.  It was simply an attempt to address 
John's challenge to substantiate what he called a "three strikes and 
you're out" rule.  The useful purpose being served is, I suppose, the 
clarification of doctrinal misunderstanding and the building of 
friendship and fellowship through conversation.


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