Ron Scott wrote:
Sure. Just as soon as I finish running down your request on GBH and
unconditional love. What is this, a test? Your perverse way of getting me to
read the scriptures and conference addresses (Mel will be proud of you,
John. And, you know to whom he talks)? But if you've heard the SOP described
that way  for years, why don't you run it down yourself. You've got the same
access I have to all the church infobases. Moreover, I think you misled me
John when you claimed the volume on ZION was down.  Are we having fun yet?

The volume was down, Ron. Ask anyone here. Apparently my recruiting you and my other efforts to stimulate some discussion have been successful.

According to the archives there were days in October when not a single message was posted to the list. There were several other days when only one or two messages were posted. In the ten year history of the list I've never seen such low traffic when there was no technical problem with the server.

Out of 31 days in October there were four with not one single post, and four with only one post. There were a total of 15 days with four or fewer posts per day. This is just unprecedented in the entire history of the list. We had a total of 184 posts for the entire month, less than 6 per day on average.

Ron, since your first post Monday night we've had 122 messages.

Now, that is not just because of your arrival. I also privately corresponded with Tom Matkin and Stephen Beecroft to persuade them to come back to the list. The results have been gratifying. I was afraid the list was dying.

Now if I can only get Tom Valletta back on here, and I've located him. Keep your fingers crossed.

"The study of the doctrines of the Gospel will improve
behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve
behavior." --Boyd K. Packer
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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