Ron Scott wrote:
> Well, good doctrine drives out bad, and vice versa.  We are not free to
> just believe whatever we want.  Whatever we believe has to be in harmony
> with true, ie. correct doctrine.<

Obviously we are quite free to BELIEVE whatever we choose to BELIEVE.
Preaching "false" doctrine is another matter. More often than not "false
doctrine" is an eye-of-the-beholder thing anyway and. In most (but not all)
cases, BELIEF is not nearly as important as how one DOES.

Well, of course you are right that actions speak louder than words, or even beliefs for that matter. But there is a connection between beliefs and actions. All actions originate as thoughts first. And beliefs, right or wrong, very much shape our thoughts. And it is hard to do what is right without first knowing what is right. --JWR

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